Apie Gymglamour sportinę aprangą 

"FSHN.lt offers professional sportswear for women who want to exercise with comfort, and also look stylish.

FSHN.LT parduodamos tamprės gaminamos Lenkijoje ir sukurtos @deynn. Jos yra populiarios visoje Europoje bei kitose pasaulio šalyse.

2020 tapo metų moterų prekės ženklų. 

fshn fitneso trampres kokybe

A combination of different materials that allows leggings to become the best sports partner. 

Polyamide - 96%
Elastane - 4%

  • Polyamide (nylon) is a synthetic fiber that is highly abrasion resistant. Advantages - non-wrinkle, elastic, strong. It gives the product strength.
  • Elastane can stretch up to 500% of its original state and fully recover. Fabrics containing 1-1.5% elastane are durable, much easier to care for, and much less wrinkled. 

Special Push-up weave on the back

Non-transparent, breathable material

Thanks to a small triangle pattern on the back, the material fits perfectly to your body. Additional decorative pattern above the tighs that underlines the buttocks.

fshn fitneso trampres push up efektas nepersisviecia
fshn lt tampres tamposi leginsai

Very elastic belt that still provides firm grip and slim looks.

Neleidžia joms nusmukti treniruočių metu.

This is not a Chinese product.